will she…..

My girl embarks on the next chapter tomorrow morning at 6:49 am when the bus picks her up for her first day of high school.

Will it be meaningful?  Will she feel inadequate and go back to her way of coping that is not always easy to see?

Will she eat lunch alone?  Will she gets teased?  Will she try so hard to fit that she falls to the floor at the end of the day in exhaustion?

Will she know she is perfect and whole?  Will she feel good about WHO she is? 

Will she find success and not failure?  Will she be ok?


2 thoughts on “will she…..

  1. Funny how this is exactly how I how feel embarking on my new adventures in life. I have these sames fears for myself. And then I think that there is no forward progress, no growth, without stepping into our fears and making our way through them one step at a time. I have amazing friends and family to help me, and Lindsay has an amazing mom and two wonderful brothers to help her. We are none of us alone on our journeys. Just as you support me on my journey, I will support you so that you may support her and on and on it goes. It may not be easy, but it will be her journey.

  2. I do hope she had a good day. It’s so hard to let them go and mine is only going to kindergarten next week! I can’t imagine high school, in fact I push it right out of my mind it terrifies me so much!

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