the madness begins

Can I be everything to everyone in my life and still keep my sanity?  Single parenthood hit me hard today as I left the house at 715am, dropped one kid and hit the school(s) hard.  Four sites that included one high school, two elementary and a middle.  Those included meeting new staff, observing a new student, observing an old student, touching base with social workers and updating caseload info.  Add in a new data sheet for tracking goals and it was barely 11am.  Hit a team sped meeting, oh ya make that two, to discuss the autism team’s role.

Job number one is over, head home to get on the clock with my girl.  Take her and the dogs for a walk.  Go to middle school to pick up youngest from football..he is still practicing.   I run home to fix dinner, check email and fix the data sheet.  Pick up youngest from football, race home and change for Yoga.  Race to gym to teach Yoga–two people show up.  I am thinking about my family eating alone and wondering why am I doing this–even for 22 bucks.

The data sheet is ready.  The lunches are made.  The mail is open.  The dogs are walked and fed.  The dishes are done.  The towel rack is fixed. 

Can I do it all?   I think so….


2 thoughts on “the madness begins

  1. Stacie,

    If anyone can do this schedule – YOU CAN. You are the most determined person I know and I know you can do it. Hang in there and always remember I am only an email or phone call away. If you need to talk I will be there for you – always!


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