the dance

Last night I got to share in the experience of being in the presence of someone completely and totally okay with who they are.  There was no concern of social awkwardness, lack of friends, or difference.  Only peaceful presence.

My girl continues to be in my life to teach me.  I am sure she teaches others too.  She teaches me to live life with no limitations.  She shows me how to be okay with who I am.  To accept all things in my life as they are. 

When we arrived at the high school to drop her off into the sea of hormone madness, she looked at the long line going into the school and paused.  I asked her if she was gonna be ok, she asked if I would walk up there with her.  I did.  I got her in line and wandered off looking as minimally obvious as I could.  I watched from afar as she showed her school ID to the security officer and paid her money.  She waved to me as went down the stairs into her first experience of a high school dance.  Alone.  Nobody was there to meet her, she was just there and completely okay with that.  She texted me within 20 minutes that said, “how long do I have to do this?”…….We agreed to stay an hour; just long enough to go with success.

As I sat last night wondering how she was doing, I was struck with such an awe for the individual she is and the openness to life and who she is.  There is no self judgment, no lack of self worth, certainly no limitations in her mind.  She just is.  And she again reminds me that I too can live without self judgment, limitations and most of all,  I can accept me for who I am and find the worthiness in myself that for most of my life I have questioned.

Another beautiful example of why she chose me, chose this life…..


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