dogs and faces

I realize that this blog is about raising a daughter with autism, yet I find myself wanting to delve further into the entire dynamics of my family.  And yes that family includes dogs.

This morning I was reminded of the deep soul and love an animal has for their owners.  I was also reminded of the simple deficit that impacts so many with autism.

While we were cruising the dog park this early morning with many other fellow early risers, I watched with wonder at how my yellow lab ran in circles making new friends with the other dogs at the park.  He is always happy to meet other dogs and two legged folks.  He twists and moans and sniffs and snorts.

It was only after a few moments of all the commotion of meeting and greeting others dogs that I saw him stop and look around.  He ran to the humans in the park, looking–and I mean LOOKING–at their faces for recognition.  He went from person to person until then he saw me, ahhhh the smile and excitement he showed me reminded me of just how precious the love and bond can be between dog and (wo)man. 

It also reminded me of the kids with autism that rarely look up, look around for recognition.  So many are so often within themselves that it is only with prompting do they look at the faces of peers and adults for facial recognition.



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