pity party or not

I am tired.  Mentally. Physically.  Emotionally.

Welcome to single parenthood.  Full custody single parenthood that is.

If you all don’t mind, I am gonna host a pity party and anyone can come.  I have a new friend that shares custody of his children with his former wife.  Really.  Like really share?  That means when he has them, he makes decisions and meets all their needs; food, homework, activities, school, bedtimes….really. 

Hhmmmmm, I would be okay with one day.  One day that I didn’t have to think about what to feed them, how I am going to pick them up/take them to event, wonder when I will get the housework done before heading back to work, and oh yah the much needed patience and nurturing that they must have.  The bonus of that one day is my sanity is saved. 

We will see if I get that one day.  For now,  I rest my mop late in the evening on Sunday.  I will get through another busy work week of 2+ jobs (those that give a paycheck, that is) and I hope that I either get alot of attendees at the pity party or it is cancelled due to the warrior woman I am coming back into action.


One thought on “pity party or not

  1. I will offer you my pity. And I will also let you know that I hope to be at least half the woman you are knowing I will only have my kids part of the time. I will have the shared custody. So instead of pity I suppose I should be offering you my unwavering regard for your awesomeness.

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