paving another road

I have learned over the years that I need to be the voice.  

The voice of reason. At times the voice of begging.  Perhaps even the voice of demanding.

I know that I was chosen to have my daughter with autism so that I could be that voice.  Not just for her, but for the ones that come after her.

I sat in a meeting yesterday to be that voice, I learned that data hadn’t been collected and I heard the endless excuses.  The lack of compliance to her IEP was revealed. 

I questioned.  I asked for data.  I referred to the IEP and emails.  I was prepared.  I advocated.  I reminded them she has rights.  I challenged the “program that doesn’t do that” to her needs determined per her IEP.  I was solid.

 And in the end, changes will be made.  Starting today. 

And for those that come after, they too will walk along the road that my girl and I paved yesterday.


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