the rut

The girl is in a rut again.  I must have patterned too many meals the same or have been too structured, if that is possible. 

She is sitting in the same seat in the car, wanting to go out to dinner because “I thought Thursdays we go out” and eating the same foods.

My youngest is having his birthday party at a suite hotel tonight with four other 13-year old boys.  I figured what a great way to entertain them all and not have my house overtaken my hormones and boy smell.

I will have one room, they will have the other within the suite. Pizza and soda for them, wine and sushi for me. 

I assumed my girl would think this is like a cool mini-vacation where we eat junk food, swim in the pool, watch tv, etc.   She could hang with me while the boys run the halls of the hotel.

Oh no, that is so out of the routine of normal.  When I mentioned it to her, it was as if I was asking her to stay on the moon.

At times, I assume that she will go with the flow, flex a little…oh and enjoy the spontaneity of adventure. 

Then I remember she has autism…..


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