the circle

This coming weekend I am reconnecting with my father who I have not seen in ELEVEN years.  It is now that I am ready.  As the day approaches, I find myself  beginnning to wonder and think….which I tenderly remind myself to NOT….

This trip is about me.  It is about the little girl.  It is about self worth.  Reclaiming my soul.  Showing the little girl she is loved, first and foremost by me.

I am ready to be present with my dad.  I am ready for him to see me; the girl, the woman, the mother, the beauty.  Maybe he will, and maybe he won’t.  I know that whatever he does, is his.  Not mine.

When I get on the plane to return home, perhaps the circle will be complete.  The little girl’s voice will have spoken and whatever she has to say will be what is needed to move on with an open heart and peaceful mind….


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