A day of autism-esk comments:

Start of the morning with my girl:

ME: uh, I think you wore that shirt yesterday.

HER: uh, Yah….

ME: you dont wear the same shirt two days in a row

HER: uhhh, I do…

ME: no,  people don’t usually wear the same shirt two days in a row, its gross

HER: uh, well I do


Later in the day during a social problem solving group with five young adults on the spectrum:

ME: ______, you text?

HIM: oh yes!

ME: who do you text?

HIM: my cousins, do you text?

ME: oh yes, I do text…

HIM: who do you text?

ME: my friends, my family, my kids….

HIM: your husband?

ME: I don’t have a husband.

HIM: did you break the house rules??? Is that why you don’t have a husband? You used to have a husband….did you break the rules????

I started the day with bewilderment that we have gone over the clean clothes for years, yet it still seems that rule doesn’t apply to HER.

I ended the day with a barrage of questions related to the rule of marriage…..

I love kids with autism….


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