the blessings

I was gently reminded today that no matter what the challenges one faces, there is always room for gratitude and growth.  In order to find that place of gratitude and thus growth, one must allow the heart to open and the “I can’ts” to quiet.

Three women in wheelchairs.  Three women that “cant'”……Today they realized that they CAN and they DO.  They are active in the  blessed practice of Yoga.  They are aware of the breath, the body and the mind.  They found the place of being centered.  They realize that while they face physical challenges, they can still experience yoga, breath and awareness. 

Tears of joy.  Tears of accomplishment.  Tears of gratitude.  These women are my heroes.


The presence.  The lack of judgment.  The purity. The sense of complete acceptance of who they are.

Developmental challenges combined with the presence of Yoga.  The breath.  The body’s response to the breath.  Meditation in motion.

I faced each person in the class as we created the Star pose.  I asked each of them if they realized that they are each beautiful stars in the universe.  I got smiles, I got giggles and I got joy.

As we said together Namaste and held each others smiles as one, a wonderful spirit by the name of Dominic spoke, ” I love you, Stacie”….


Heroes.  Inspiration.  Overcoming challenges. Love. Finding your life purpose……



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