a parents love and a students courage

The balance between love and pain.  Advocating and fighting.  Learning and loving.

Being part of the process of parents, like me, grieving and accepting what is.  And learning that not only what IS, is actually perfect, but what IS, is exactly what the world needs to know to be a greater place for compassion and love.

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn how parents uniquely love their children.  How each parent does the absolute best they can do at the time.  How I get to see my own emotion in the parents that share the pain.  The commonality of loss and yet also love.

And then the beautiful role in being part of the process in the growth of students.  From the first time in the cafeteria, to the spontaneous joint attention,  to the interest in others, to the independence.  Witnessing the courage. 

Seeing the complete love in parents and the courage in the students reminds me of my purpose.  Why I am here.  And my responsibility to do the absolute best that I can.

For that, I am grateful and humbled.


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