units of measurement

I learned more yesterday in an IEP meeting than I could have ever hoped for. 

The father was accurate, mindful and specific.  Likely, this father is on the autism spectrum.  His ability to analyze and determine appropriate measurements of goals and objectives was astonishing.  He brought up points about units of measurement, research based strategies in direct relation to measurable goals.  He asked about data baseline indicators.   

What exactly are we measuring? Prompts? Verbal or nonverbal prompts?  Is the ability to attend to the teacher the goal or is it reducing the number of prompts?  How do you measure that?  How does one measure emotional regulation with data?

When the hard facts of data was over, the softness came.  The question of progressing in relation to his peers, will he catch up?  The reality of looking at his child and his own yardstick of growth, not in relation to typically developing kids.  Sadness.  Grief.  Reality.

You can imagine my next step.  I tore apart my girl’s IEP…..and what I learned from this father was to ask those question about measuring goals? So the email went out this morning to request an additional IEP meeting to determine data, unit of measurement and purpose.

And of course, I quietly said thanks for the opportunity to learn from this courageous father.


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