moving out

My oldest son moves out today. 

Last night I sat down to write him a letter. I had no direction as the pen hit the paper, yet it wasn’t long before the page was full and the thought were shared.  The table that I sat at was covered with tear drops; some sad and some happy.

I traveled back in time. The first time I heard his heartbeat. The movement from inside my belly. The first time I saw his face. His sweet baby smell. His favorite blanket. The infamous ‘guys’ that he toted around in a bag for what seemed like years.  Becoming a big brother.  Learning to ice skate and then play hockey. Kindergarten. Learning to read. Scoring his first goal. Breaking his wrist. Smashing his toes.  Middle school. Hard stuff. Shaving his face. Learning to drive. Working his first job. High school hockey. Tears and asking for help. Girlfriends.  Getting in some trouble. Senior pictures. Hanging with his little brother. Playoff hockey. Independence. Graduation. Our trip to the Bahamas. Helping us move and find a new home.  Starting college.  Being receptive to listen to what I have learned in life.  A costly mistake.  Fear.  Forgiveness.  Letting go.  Making decisions.  Packing his belongings.  Helping his brother set up his new bed. Making his favorite meal.  Waking me up to tell me he is home, for the last time.

I know that his life is unfolding to even more greatness. 

New memories will be made and more chapters will be written.


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