I would never say I told you so….

The begging, the pleading, the convincing, the demanding has proven to be worth it. 

My girl started second semester with a job in the community every day.  Instead of being in the classroom, she is working at the YMCA and at an elementary school library.  And she is NOT doing cleaning tasks because I reminded her teacher that she is capable of motor planning tasks, she is NOT capable interacting with people.  Therefore both jobs require her to TALK to people. 

Of course, this demands her to be stretched to her social/communication limits but she is shining!  Each day, I am seeing success.  She is happier.  She communicates more, worries less. 

I would never say I told you so to her team of teachers who in August were certain that it was not appropriate to have her access the work experience program as a freshmen. 

They said she wouldn’t be ready.  They said it was not within their typical protocol.  They said that she would be missing out on classroom experiences. (I wonder if they consider completing all the modified work to obtain an F as classroom experience?)

I said that she would experience success. I said she would grow.  I said she would be happy.  She would feel worthiness and reason to go to school.  She would be working on the very challenges that limit her independence.

I say I was right.


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