truth is

Truth is at times my own frustration overcomes the acceptance that I often write about.  My frustration in why can’t it just be easy and ‘normal’ for a day.

While out with my girl last weekend I felt that frustration seeping in.  I was close enough to hear her speaking, yet far enough away to not be within nudging distance to redirect or cue her.  Instead I sat 10 feet away watching and hearing the inappropriate interactions and the social awkwardness that made me cringe.  I don’t often cringe, but that day I did. 

Later, I pondered what that was really all about.  Why did it agitate me so much? Was it a reflection of me? My own stuff?  Was I….dare I say it….embarrassed by my own child?  Me? The one that preaches acceptance and the beauty of who she is?  Was I really feeling that?

I admit it.  Yes I was.  I was frustrated that I felt it and also that the opportunity was there for me TO feel it.  On that day I just wanted it to be easy. To be normal.

Whatever normal is, right?


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