Love is….

Love is courage.

Love is quiet.

Love is sharing of a thought.

Love is candles.

Love is roses.

Love is a hike in the park.

Love is taking care of my dogs.

Love is music and poetry.

Love is chocolate.

Love is cooking dinner.

Love is laughter.

Love is tenderness.

Love is compassionate sharing of tears.

Love is understanding.

Love is togetherness.

Love is being nurtured.

Love is kindness.

Love is home.

Love is threading together two lives.

Love is.


32 thoughts on “Love is….

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  2. Love is amazing.
    Love is hard to find.

    I like this post. I got a little something on love if you’d like to check it out.
    on my blog….called “The ugly truth”

    if you want. Not trying to spam you :)


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