meeting with the mat

Over the last few months, I had every reason as to why my personal practice of Yoga had diminished.  I was still teaching Yoga, but my own connection with the mat had resolved to nothing.  Even my teaching was becoming a nuisance in my life.

I attended a Yoga teacher training a few weeks ago.  I had convinced myself that if I attended the training, it may inspire me to become a better teacher.  Perhaps bring fresh new ideas to my class.  I was reluctant to go to the training, even considering that my hesitancy was a universal message that I should stop teaching.

Instead of leaving the training with inspiration to be a better teacher I was profoundly moved to become a better student. As my body trembled during an intense version of side angle pose, the teacher crouched down within inches of my face and asked me, “what is your truth…..believe that”.

My truth.  My truth is that I am a learner.  A student.  My truth is that I do have time for a personal Yoga practice.  My truth is that I am a Yogi and that I am worthy of  creating the space in my life to practice.  And in that truth and allowing, I will be a better teacher.

A meeting with the mat.  A reconnection with the mat.


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