Taking some time

I have found that there are times in ones life when you must step back and listen.   Sometimes in that stepping back you hear the wisdom loud and clear, other times perhaps you need recurrent episodes of chaos to get that it is time to step back.

I have chosen to step back.  To take a break from teaching Yoga.  Acknowledging the courage that it took to become a teacher and the gifts that it has given me was hard to step away from.  The labyrinth that I am in requires me to take one thing off my plate to re-evaluate and take time to look at my intentions.

Tonights final class was based upon the Metta Meditation, or Loving Kindness.  Honoring and sending love to first self, then beloved, then child, neutral person, difficult person and finally all beings. In that practice, I affirmed that by taking a break from teaching, I AM demonstrating loving kindness to self and others.

I am open to receive. To play.  To release.  To look for opportunity.  To re-evaluate.  To cultivate.  To nurture. 

Decisions to make about my job. My future. My life.  And in doing so, I am taking some time to listen……


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