choice…or not

The word choice.  1. an act or instance of choosing; selection; 2.something that is preferred or preferable to others; the best part of something

Lunch in high school is unstructured free time.   To a typical person this is a time to decompress from the events of the morning, socialize with friends and enjoy some down time.  For my girl, this is the hardest part of her day.  And yet, this is the part of the day where she has the least amount of intervention.  Tears and texts to me tell me that she is alone in the hallway or a boy is tickling her or that her only friend is absent is common. 

A while back when I addressed my concerns the question was asked: shouldnt she be allowed to choose what she does at lunch like all the other kids?

Well……she isn’t like all the other kids.  And she has plenty of choice in her life.  To me, sitting in the hallway crying or interacting inappropriately with a male peer is not one of them.  Yet in the sea of social madness that high school lunch evokes, I would suspect someone with ASD would not have much choice.  Since it seems that my girl is not being supported socially during these times, she is considered to be choosing to sit alone or with the same peers that cause her to cry.

My momma gut says she can choose between milk or juice, pants or shorts and tv or movie. 

The expectation should be given that would foster appropriate friendships and social interactions.  It is time to once again remind people that it is not the Civics grade that is going to keep her from being employed and enjoying a healthy friendship .  Her needs are social communication.



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