Some may say that I rescued him, but I like to believe that he rescued me.  He has shared the trail for hundreds of miles with me.  Never getting too far ahead and always checking back to make sure I was there.  A constant companion to guide the way during many walks that I was lost in thought.

His head lies on his pillow, even as I peek in before bed to tell him goodnight.  It isn’t as easy to jump in the car and his intent gaze out the window has diminished while he rests until we meet the trail head.  He sleeps a lot, yet his spirit is happy and his intention is always the best.

The love of my life is slowing down.  Tests show ‘something’ in his belly that doesn’t belong. My plan is to remind him every day of the love he brought to my life.  And when it gets close  to his end, he gets a swim at the reservoir, front seat status the whole day, a bath and a large soft serve vanilla. Just a few of his favorites to show him of my maddening love affair.

Yes, he rescued me.


2 thoughts on “rescued

  1. He looks so sweet! This brought a tear to my eye. We got our first dog in December and he’s just now starting to calm down just a touch, and I see the dog he is going to be, a very good friend.

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