she says yes and she says no

She says YES to the gondola ride up the mountain in 50mph winds.  She says YES to the speeding roller coaster down the mountain.  She says YES to water slides and diving boards.  She says YES to river rafting.  She says YES to cave exploring.

She says NO to ordering her own dinner.  She says NO to hanging at the pool longer than a few hours.  She says NO to sitting on the other side of the car.  She says NO to paying money to a snow cone dude.  She says NO to sitting by someone other than me to eat dinner.  She says NO to a new food.

The joys and surprises of a family vacation…..


One thought on “she says yes and she says no

  1. I have long thought that our kids are sometimes better at handling big things than little ones. We’ve moved 9 times in 12 years. No problem. But change C’s toothbrush? There’s hell to pay.

    Glad she’s doing those cool big things! I’m so jealous you’re in Glenwood – we lived in Carbondale for a year and loved it. Glenwood is the best…enjoy…

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