I was reminded today of the beauty that resides within a true friendship.

A woman who I know demonstrates the most admirable qualities of human existence;  Authenticity, Acceptance, Truth, Love, Joy, Inner Peace, Wisdom, Faith and Forgiveness.  This woman I call my friend.

My friendship with her has gone through times of pain and times of complete joy.  I look  at her with admiration for all she has endured in this lifetime and how she maintains her incredibly positive outlook on life.  She elevates me to be a better human.  She inspires me in ways that are unimaginable.  She loves me in ways no other friend has loved me.  She creates and attracts joy.  She lives life to the fullest.

She is my soul’s companion through the depths of Waldo Canyon. She is in my fondest memories of times on Barr trail, including the dried apricot day.  Bike rides are always filled with memories of our trips downtown completely down to the freak snow storm parade day.  She showed me how to open up and trust.  She taught me how to listen to my inner self.  She guided me to learn from others.  She reminded me of my self-worth.

She is my spiritual sister.


4 thoughts on “friendship

  1. Wow you really have a true friend there , that is wonderful :) I really love the post and from what I read I saw that you are a true friend to her too, because only a true friend can say such amazing words , you should be proud for who you are :)

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