one year

One year ago I embarked on a journey that would include deep soul renewal, incredible challenge, integrity beyond just the word, and lastly the courage to overcome.

As I look back at my last year, I see courage.  I see faith overcoming fear.  I see and absolutely acknowledge the hard work, the integrity, the face of challenge.  And with great tenderness, I see me.  I see me as a mom standing side by side with the son that is discovering who he is,  strong in the face of Autism and deep into the eyes of anger.  I see a woman learning to listen to gut instinct.  I see survival and compromise.

I see ME.

I am filled with gratitude for the home that I have created for my kids.  A home that says love.  A home that expects family dinners.  A home that knows respect.  A home that accepts all.  I home that honors each other, wherever we may be at in the journey of life  A home that is filled with simplicity and presence.   A home that allows mistakes and embraces growth.

One year.  One home.

Today, I consciously say thanks for the courage, the instinct, the compromise, the incredible abundance, the opportunity and the deep love.


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