I have

One year ago today, I closed a chapter, perhaps even a book– literally by closing the door of what I had known as my home for 10 years and figuratively in the sense of ending a series of patterns and beliefs that catapulted me into marriages and dynamics that I now see to have beautifully opened me to my own truth. I stepped into this home with an outlook of hope.  With a knowing of respect.  With an opportunity to grow.

Since that closing, I have opened.  I have allowed.  I have dug deep into the shallow, dark corners of my heart to seek truth.  I have endured hours of in-your-face-shadow searching.  I have forgiven.  I have accepted.  I have been exhausted beyond words.  I have let go.  I have spoken with integrity.  I have expected respect, and when it was unable to be given, I have painfully said goodbye.  I have trusted my inner wisdom. I have loved.  I have been loved.  I have created a home space filled with peace, love, hope, simplicity, respect and joy.

In this past year, my children and I demonstrated, not only to ourselves but to the world, the ability to weather any storm. And weather it gracefully.  We made decisions, we worked hard, we communicated and we loved. We experienced pain.  We looked to each other when there wasn’t much else to do.  We sacrificed and in return our lives are abundant in all areas.

So as I sit today in the home that only a year ago was so unknown, I am content to take a sigh of relief.  A sigh of accomplishment.  I sigh of honor.

I am grateful.


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