While sitting at the dentist, my youngest asks me to look at his long and quite sharp canine teeth.  He says he looks like a vampire.  Soon he is called back and returned to me with newly shaved off front teeth to a perfectly equal length.  I asked him why he didn’t ask the dentist to shave off his pointy canines.

His response: “girls these days are into vampires, mom”.


2 thoughts on “vampires

  1. Hello,
    I’ve read your blog from time to time for about the past year. My daughter has pdd-nos and she is going in to the 3rd grade later this month. She is in mainstream classes and we always get responses from the teachers that she is doing well. she has progressed quite a bit. Academically she is always behind the rest of the class. She has difficulty with her penmanship, and math being abstract is pretty hard for her. I was wondering if you have any advice since you have experience in advocacy. I feel that she is at a critical crossroads here where she may start getting further and further behind her peers academically. Too be honest though, my biggest fear is that nothing is being done at school to address her social issues. They seem to act as though since she is scoring at the lower end of the normal range academically then that is all that matters. She has no friends though she would love to have some. She is only able to join in games like chasing but does not know how to get along in most social situations. She rarely admits that she is embarassed of any of her deficits but she feels deeply the rejection that she has experienced from her peers and even cousins.

    • Hello….Oh goodness it is if I was writing YOUR story. Third grade was such as cross roads as you said so well. It was then that I saw the drastic difference in peer interactions. Over time, sadly, my girl just gave up. You can only want friends for so long before you start to realize how hard it is; both to be rejected and to attempt to have social interactions. I would make sure that the teacher is on baord with her needs–from the PDD side; social/communcication and interactions. Is she advocating with peers? Does she rely on adults to redirect or prompt her, or is she learning in relation to her peers. Is she able to look up and look around to find out what she is supposed to be doing? Are they working on making sure that she has meaningful interactions at lunch and social time? Is she experiening successful social interactions? Also academically, 3rd grade proved to be a big jump. We actually even repeated 3rd in hopes (back then) that she would catch up with a different teacher. I would give anything to have that year back now, when we can work on functional stuff. We are still working on telling time, counting coins, reading beyond a 2nd grade level—and she is a sophomore. There came a time when social/communication and function academics became my priority. It is not as though I wanted to give up, I just wanted to be realistic and I want her as functional as possible as an adult. College or not, I wanted her to be able to buy her own food, get to work on time and have meaningful friendships. Sadly, this is all still a process in the making. Her school day now consists of unpaid work experience in the community and less in classes that are over her head. Now more than ever, my girl wants to socialize with adults or the peer partners that volunteer to work with kids like her. Interacting with typical kids, just doesnt happpen. She eats lunch alone, never has friends over, or gets invited. It is her and me….most days she is in her room listening to music and coloring. I had to get over that doing that makes her happy. Hope this helps. Hang in the there…it is so hard. I feel for you…

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