this day

And so today begins.

A day where a new job with outstanding possibilities is starting.  An opportunity for me to learn, to reach out and to give as well as a receive.  I know that today, I will embrace each new person and each new task with gratitude.  I know that through this experience, doors are being opened for me.  Doors I will eagerly jump through.

This past week when I was teaching Yoga to my very special population of adults with disabilities, my soul was reminded again not only of their gifts, but mine as well.  From the women that have had strokes to the vast range of severity of Down Syndrome, I am reminded of what I am here to do.

I am here to live with Compassion.  Kindness.  Acceptance.  And my new job will offer me the opportunity to reach more, be more, give more and learn more.  Combining the love I receive from my beautiful Yogi’s, with my ability to understand and advocate, I am ready for this day, this job, this opportunity.


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