looking back

Having had a chance to process the last few days events, it is hitting me the accomplishment that has occurred.  The accomplishment for my girl. The accomplishment for me. And accomplishment the school team had providing encouragement and practice interviews.

What started as an area of interest–hospitals–became an avenue for her to not just find purpose but to work on her core challenges.  She isn’t going to be isolated and just doing a task, she is going to be in a position to have daily face to face interactions with nurses and patients.  Taking the book cart from room to room will give her the opportunity to grow in ways far beyond my imagination.  Her interest in books and her love for hospitals has combined to be the best placement I could have hoped for.

I look back at the journey.  The priorities I once had, and now have.  The dreams that were altered and the dreams that came true.  I look at the people in her life that have opened their hearts and minds to move out of their own comfort zone to make a difference they likely had no idea they would making.  I look at how hard it once was (and sometimes still is) to interact, to enter a new environment and to complete a task.  I recall the tears and days of frustration. Looking back at the times when I was sure she couldn’t, to now see she can.  The period of time when everything in my home had a label, when weighted blankets and brushing were part of our life. When getting on the bus was torture for us both.  I remember the birthday parties when no one showed up.  I remember accepting that we don’t hug around here.

Although there have been people who didn’t get it, and people who chose not to get it, I am grateful for each person that has been a stepping stone on this journey with her.  Even the stones that were large and hard to get over, each person has contributed in one way or another to the unfolding that it happening now.

And so next week begins a new chapter for my girl. A real world experience. Opportunities.


One thought on “looking back

  1. I am so glad to hear so much accomplishment. Taking a close look over a period of time is a great way to assess progress. Thank you for sharing the successes and blessings in your lives. You are a really GOOD mom.

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