He is

When I look at him today I am moved by his deep caring and compassion for others.  I see the emerging of a great man. I see the beginnings of a new chapter.  He is aware of what he does that brings joy to others and he his passionate about what he likes and doesn’t like.

When I look back at the last 14 years I see so many things.  He was the baby that smiled at anyone. He was the baby that wanted to be held all the time.  He was the baby that walked at 10 months and talked well at 14 months.  He loved yogurt, peanut butter and jelly and BIG trucks.  He always did and continues to ask many questions. He is curious.  He is tender.  At five years old he asked what life would be like if his sister didn’t have autism.  In kindergarten he asked his teacher to leave so that he could go eat lunch with his sister because she didn’t have any friends.  He was the 8 year old that loved to learn to bake. He was the 10 year old that tried everything.  Just yesterday he reminded me to let her do the talking because “someday Mom you won’t be here and I will be with her, and I am not gonna talk for her.”

He is the kid that makes others laugh. He is the brother that would take the pain instead.  He is the son that makes me proud everyday.  He is the human being that makes this world a better place.

He is 14 today….Happy Birthday to my sweet son, Evan.


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