the mantra

I find myself in constant mantra ” I can”…….

…I can do Algebra, I can do English, I can be a Community Coach for kids with disabilities, I can be a cna for my girl, I can be a mother to my boys and my girl, I can be a partner in a relationship, I can be a dog walker, I can be a chef, I can be a taxi service, I can be a student in the math lab, I can be an advocate, I can teach Yoga, I can continue on my spiritual journey.

I can.

At times, I am (literally) pulling my hair out at the reason as to why anyone needs to learn values of an algebraic expression or why anyone cares about exact citation punctuation on a works cited page.  Does anyone really look???

And with all that frustration there is so much pride.  Pride in myself for not giving up.  For believing in the process, the journey.  For knowing that as hard as this is for me, my girl is working that hard everyday.  For knowing that I am demonstrating a great example for my kids.  For loving the study sessions my youngest and I are having.  For knowing that while (today) I cannot change the system, I am making a difference in a few kids’ lives.

I can.  I know that I can.  I believe that I can.  I can.


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