the dream

I had a dream last night that stayed with me for hours throughout the morning.  It was dream where I woke to tears.  The more I thought about the dream, the more I cried.

The dream symbolized to me the recent months of upheaval in my life.  It symbolized the lack of connection I have had to myself, my spiritual practice, my groundedness.

The dream was a wake up call to remind me of the years of spiritual work and practice that I chose to do that allowed me to be here now. The dream was divinely guided to shake me into realizing what I must do to care for myself.

The unstable floors in my dream, the chaos around me, the lack of connection were a beautiful symbolism of my recent weeks. The lack of control, the once familiar sense of connection vanished within the chaos.

Then to find myself below the chaos, on sturdy ground with a beautiful angel reminding me that I am.  I am worth it.  I am beauty.  I am strength.  I am courage.  I am.

And I was reminded to not let go of the vision.  I was reminded to stay vigilant with the self-care.  Vigilant with a spiritual practice.  To not lose the work that I endured to be able to take on a relationship, take on a new job, take on college.  To remember where I was just a few years ago. To stay in gratitude for the journey that I have chosen.

The tears poured and the release was experienced.  There is peace once again in my being.  I know what I need to do.  And I graciously say ‘yes’ to whatever is ready to be birthed through all these pains.


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