they got it!

I knew the team finally got it when a discussion with her at the IEP meeting went like this:

ME: Linds, what do they sell at the student store?

HER: candy, soda, chips

ME:  Oh, all the things you love?

HER: Mom..

ME: so Linds, why don’t you go to the student store?


IN UNISON THE WHOLE TEAM: she needs to go to the student store!!!

Best IEP meeting I have attended as mom.  The goals are great, the needs are identified, the supports are in place. And the team is ready to sabotage her in different environments to generalize skills. YES! They get it…they really get it!  Identifying the main topic of a paragraph has moved to identifying the main topic in functional readings; health forms, job descriptions, prescription drug overviews, bank statements.  The writing will look more like filling out applications, health forms, emails, etc. Peer partners are in place at lunch, para’s have faded, independence when possible is happening and my girl is HAPPY!

The girl has proven that when given opportunities to be successful, she will make progress in other areas.  A job in the community in lieu of a typical high school electives has propelled her into the volunteer job at the hospital, success at school, academic achievement and HAPPINESS!

And the team got it!


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