I find it to be most amazing the sensory pleasures that come with the season of fall. This fall in Colorado seems to even more beautiful than others with mid 70 degrees everyday and nothing but blue sky.

My early morning walks is where I get to experience the first of many sensory pleasures throughout the day.  It is on these walks that my mind quiets while I am surrounding by the visual beauty of  reds, oranges and browns as the trees as shrubs prepare to go into their peaceful rest of winter. I hear the sounds of the leaves beneath my feet crunching as the birds shuffle through the cat tails that are beginning to dry in the pond nearby.  I see my dogs run wild through the weeds and brush that are turning brown as the sky awakens with oranges and pinks.

I smell the aroma of chai tea steeping and pumpkin bread baking.  I taste the batches of soup that have already been made and the next recipes await.  I smell the dried leaves outside and the earthiness of a damp morning ground that has been kissed by the early frost.

I feel the soft blankets and cuddling on the couch.  Finding the socks that have been hidden for months at the bottom of my drawer go onto my cold feet with softness.  Slipping on the long sleeve t-shirt as I get out of bed to make coffee as the sky remains dark warms by body.

Beyond the sensory fulfillment I get, fall brings my family together.  Fall creates togetherness. We are more settled.  We seem more aware of the beauty that life offers.

We are less about doing and more about being.


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