the beautiful light

Finding acceptance is most difficult when someone you love is fighting for their life.

Recognizing the impermanence of form, her physical form that I know as her, the form that may soon lose its battle with cancer. How does one find acceptance and peace?

Impermanence is tricky business. While impermanence brings forth the reality that form is temporary–knowing it is the soul that is eternal, the idea of impermanence also can be so dismissive in the pain that exists during loss.

In seeking acceptance and peace knowing that my time with her may soon end, I recall the memories of the recent years.  The laughter and the joy.  I recall that she encouraged me to run in my first 5k.  She found humor in things that others never did. She also had deep integrity and compassion.

I find acceptance knowing that she will go on.  She will find her suffering to go away and her beautiful soul will find another place to bring joy to.  It is when I see her soul in my mind that I can understand impermanence.

I can find peace in knowing that she is a beautiful star, a spirit, a light, that will forever be illuminated.


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