Everyday Thanksgiving

November brings upon the feelings of Thanksgiving and of gratitude.  I strive each day throughout the year to find gratitude but during November something inside me stirs for more recognition of the gifts.

This year the gifts are plentiful.

My kids are healthy and each demonstrating growth in their own unique ways.  Peace has enveloped my life and my kids are an outpicturing of this peace.  Mostly they are content and in a place of peace in their lives.  The gift of challenges here and there to add to their growth.  I am grateful to watch them each be challenged.

At times I wonder why I am doing what I am doing with school, a demanding job, and raising a family. And other times, I wonder how I am doing it. Although school can be, at times, one of the hardest things I have ever done I am grateful for the courage that I have to attempt it.

I have discovered respect, love, kindness and partnership.  I have a teammate in my corner cheering me on, helping with the kids, and providing all the tidbits of sanity that I need to keep me moving through the hard times.

I have abundance.  Just today I got a free latte.  I have the warmth of my clothes.  I have nourishing food to eat.  I have furry dogs to greet me after a long day.  I have a home.

Thanksgiving.  Gratitude.



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