her spirit

A beautiful soul has left this Earth.  I know that her spirit lives on in a peaceful, easy, and full-of-laughter place.  I know that she is no longer fighting a disease that consumed her physical body.  I know that she is okay.

My life was touched by Nicole.

She trained with me and ran with my on my first 5 k. She advised me on my girl.  She laughed at my crazy flowered swim cap in water aerobics class.  She came along for the free massage.  She was a beautiful presence in my Yoga class.

And yet most important, she left me with a lesson.  She left me with a perspective to take with me on my own journey. She reminded me that sometimes the craziness of life needs to give away to saying ‘yes’ to friendships and connections.  We get to choose.

This past summer we had planned a hike to a favorite place.  Time and craziness of life got away from us and we never made it back to play on the trails of Waldo Canyon.  By fall, school was in session and she was fighting for her life.

Rather than feel badly for not ever making that hike happen, I choose to embrace this lesson and begin to re-evaluate my time, my friendships and what I say ‘yes’ to.  I will now pause and look for the opportunity to connect before saying ‘I can’t today’.  I am grateful for the chance to learn and practice the gift she gave me.

I am blessed to have known her.  To have run with her.  To have hiked and explored with her. I am blessed to have learned from her.

Thanks Nic….forever in my heart, your laugh remains in my ears, your spirit lives on…


One thought on “her spirit

  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. She left you a good lesson, one that I can learn from as well. Sending you a big hug.

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