Inclusion: the state of being included.

My girl’ favorite class at school is ‘fitness through dance’.  It is class packed with about 35 female students and 1 male student.  My girl loves this class because it is loud, it is hip and it is dance.

The final exam for this class is a performance in front of the class.  The students are to choose a song and choreograph dance steps they have learned to this song.

Everyone has a parter, except her. And the male student.

Everyone has a partner.

One of the reason’s she is in general education is to benefit from inclusion. It saddens me that a teacher, a case manager, or a peer hasn’t realized the importance of not including her with a partner.  If she is there to work on social communication and interacting with peers, one might think that this is an opportunity to do so.

It is not like she “taking away” from typical students or academics.  Its dance.




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