I have absolutely loved this exercise in reflection…for those fellow writers, check out www.reverb10.com to join in the reflection, the manifestation and the fun.

December 10Wisdom Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

Absolutely without any doubt the wisest decision I made this year was to enroll in college. Having been married age 18, three kids by age 23, and a mortgage to pay, I never went.  Now that I am nearing the age of 40, it is time.

I have no plan in mind as to what I want in the end of this adventure.  I know what I don’t want to do, which includes anything with mathematics of the algebra type, but I am open to discover what it is I want to do.

Since I work full-time during the day, and I work full-time during the evening as my girl’s nurse aid, and I am a mom, taking classes in a classroom is obviously not an option.  I signed up for 10 credit hours—all online.  English 101, Psychology 101, and Introductory Algebra.  It was an eye-opening experience to realize that I am taking the same algebra material my 8th grader, but when I was in high school 20+ years ago, taking accounting and business math somehow got me a diploma.

Nights and weekends were spent writing papers, taking quizzes and learning algebra.  And after the nights of work, I often would lay in bed asking why?  Why am I doing this? Every ounce of my free time energy was being put into citation pages and linear equations. Learning algebra itself is a challenge, learning it online is ridiculous.  English required me to really work at academic writing and the value of sources.  Psych was a cake walk.  hmmm….And yet I continued to question and ask why??

Why?  Because I can.  Because it is my time.  Because I have developed a study-buddy in my 8th grader. Because I am an example. Because I believe in myself.  Because people believe in me.

With the help of several amazing guides/tutors, I have one more essay to submit, one more test to take and I can say I completed, and passed my first semester of college.  Algebra was ugly, but I passed.  English and Psych, well they are A’s.

Robert Ingersol said that college is a place where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed.  I learned this semester that I get to polish the pebble that is me and relish in the success, find gratitude in the support, and allow this part of the journey to unfold.


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