future self…#reverb10 continues

December 21Future Self. Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?

Dear Future Self,

You are now mid forties and I can see that you have so enjoyed all that the forties have offered.  You are vivaciously healthy and you are finally at peace with your health.  It is wonderful to see that you have listened to you own wisdom, followed the wisdom of trusted professionals and are experiencing beautiful health and wellness.

Your children are all adults now.  Your daughter’s sweet gifts continue to be keeping the child in you alive, as she remains a child herself.  The struggle of school programming to meet her needs is over and now the challenge of living with an adult with a disability is your world.  Perhaps it is time to start looking at that cottage behind your house you have always talked about.  A place for her to have her own space, but a close enough to monitor those errs in common sense and safety.

Your life is full of partnership and love.  You are cared for, loved and appreciated each day.  You continue to elevate each other and hold each other to a higher level of respect and love.

I am so glad that you have finally figured out why you are in school.  Those early years of school back when you were 39 sure were a challenge.  It is wonderful to see that you have found a path that leads you to fulfillment financially and as your soul purpose.  I always knew it was in you to follow your dream, your heart and your passion.  What a successful journey you have created!

Overall, your life has become exactly what you have hoped for.  But, really didn’t we know that the whole time anyway?  Every moment in life if exactly how it is meant to be, every situation, every person is exactly right.

I would like to offer you the kind reminders to take care of your self–your grown woman self and your little girl self, continue to seek, to always love and always look for the good in all.

Way to go girl!

Peace and love,

your 39 year-old self


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