once upon a time…

December 31Core Story What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world?

Once upon a time there was a sweet freckle faced girl who lived house at the bottom of hill.  This little girl dreamed of a life where she could speak without judgement, express without fear and love without walls.  While her greatest fear was not being accepted, she strived to please and to nurture others.

As time and years went on and when the girl blossomed into a woman, she began to realize the patterns in which her life choices were leading her.

What she didn’t realize in her younger days was that her often misunderstood need for acceptance  and to be nurtured would send her spiraling into relationships where she was challenged to overcome her lacking self worthiness.  This beautiful being chose partners that allowed her to find her value in taking care for them, while neglecting to take care of herself.   She began to connect her lack of nurturing as a young girl to the choices in partners that she made as a woman.

The freckle face girl who grew into a beautiful woman began a radical program to self-nurture and to ultimately self-love. She learned that in order to have loving partnerships, she must first love herself.

In loving herself, she was able to attract beauty into her life in all areas.  Her children saw her as a loving mother that knows and accepts the beings that are uniquely them.  Her soul purpose was revealed as she began a journey offering her gifts to those with unique abilities.  She developed a voice for those unable or unaware of their own. She experienced pure love, pure respect and pure goodness in partnership.

When the house at the bottom of the hill is now visited by this woman she blesses the memories that allowed her journey to unfold exactly as it should.  She is grateful for all the life challenges that offered her a chance to grow and become the woman that she is today.

The girls dream to speak without judgement, express without fear and to love without walls have come true.


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