Earlier in the week I reviewed my 2010 journal and was blissfully happy to be reminded of the first entry of last year where I visioned about God’s highest will for my year.  I meditated and affirmed 5 items in 5 categories; health, partnership, relationships, finances, and soul purpose.  Adding to my bliss was the amazing ways that each of those categories transpired beautiful and meaningful experiences in my year.

Yesterday I sat with my brand new journal just yearning for the perfect first entry of the year. I hesitated as what to write first and then remembered the ease in which letting go of thought and just allowing expression can be.

I meditated.  I prayed. I affirmed. I visioned.

The word that I was given that describes what 2011 will be for me is ‘expansive’.  (I know that does not mean my waistline.)  After expansiveness came ‘settling in’.  Perhaps when I settle into whatever is needed, I will have space for expansion.  I like that.

This is the year that I become 40.  I leave my decade of 30’s where a journey of self discovery occurred.  My life was richly gifted with challenges that brought me many lessons.

Perhaps this is what my vision for this year means.  The dust is going to settle, I am going to embrace the woman that I have become, and I am going to expand into more greatness, more joy and more love.  With ease.

I am anxiously waiting to see what this year brings me. I focused again on the 5 categories and was thrilled to discover what my inner voice yearns to discover this year.

I am grateful. And I am whole.


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