Topic #30

What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

Having always been a relatively healthy adult, this last years experiences with my body can be something that I consider to be driving me nuts.

More blood work and lab tests than I can ever recall having to do.  Collecting pee for 24 hours, bone marrow biopsies, MRI’s…endless bloodwork and coordination of doctors.

A gigantic test of my patience and faith.  Faith in doctors and faith in myself.  Faith in myself by allowing myself to be tender when I want to travel down the road of self-loathing thoughts.  Faith in myself when I am frustrated with my fatigue.  Faith in knowing that I am advocate for myself and my healthcare.  Faith in my integrity to keep looking and not give up.

Patience in doctors and in laboratories.  Patience in waiting on results and for appointments. Faith in the doctors abilities to find answers.  Patience in their process.

I can see this as something that is driving me nuts, or I can see it as an opportunity to find gratitude in health. To honor my body.  To love the days I feel great and to slow down on the days I don’t.


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