Questions I am still living

February Prompt:
One month into 2011, what question(s) are you living?

I am living questions of purpose and questions of coping.

My questions of purpose involve the path in which I am on and what direction I am willing to say yes to.  The path of learning and of purpose.  The path of finding meaning in my life, beyond my motherhood.  The path that causes me to speak out.  The path will offer opportunity and growth.  The path that has stepping stones I have already stumbled.  Is this purpose I feel a stirring to speak out and create change.?

My questions of coping involve my circular patterns that keep showing up in my life.  Overcoming fear and allowing faith to prevail.  My coping comes in the form of frantic scheduling, obsessions over being busy, constant motion, continuous activity.  Recognizing the deep seeded, innate strategy of staying busy, being productive and always doing is a reaction to fear.  Fear of ___________.  What happens when I slow down and I am still?   Then fear creeps in and coping takes over.

Those are my most vulnerable questions that have yet to be answered.


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