Amazing how stuff just starts to ‘show up’…..stuff in the form of guidance, roadblocks, amazing parents seeking insights, reminders of my innate qualities.

I decided to pull myself back into a pattern of gratitude and openness to receive. I have committed to taking one challenge in my life that exists and each and every day finding two things to be grateful for that exists in this challenge and one thing that I can say that this challenge brings to my life that is meaningful.

I am currently all about finding meaning.  I need to find meaning in my life.

So just how did meaning show up this week?  Meaning in the form of a few parents reaching out for my insights, an amazing team meeting where creativity for students needs poured, listening to and receiving a very special ‘I love you’ from a “special” yoga student named JR, an email from a wise woman, a gift from my soul sister, and some very difficult conversations.

Each and everyday I commit to stepping back and finding gratitude and finding meaning….its there, I just gotta acknowledge it…


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