blossoms of goodness

Being witness to the first steps of discovering Yoga is something not easily explained.

I remember my first few classes when I went to my mat more focused on the stretch my body might get and if I looked okay in my Warrior II.  I remember the teacher talking about concepts that, at that time, seemed so out there.  Bordering even on whoo-wooo.

It was about two months after I began my Yoga practice that I recall walking into a building and actually noticing the green-ness of the leaves on the tree.  I also noticed the soft wind of spring the vibrant blue sky.  And then I noticed my breath.

It was then that the seeds of whoo-wooo that were once scattered began to break the surface of the soil and emerge into beautiful blossoms of goodness.  An awareness of self and of others.  A softness in the way I moved about my life.  And the breath.

Five years later I am a seed scatterer– helping those that have yet to reach into the seed packet to scatter their own beautiful blossoms of goodness.  This experience is an absolute honor.

For the beautiful woman who approached me after class with tears in her eyes questioning what was happening to her, I say let the soil break open and watch the seedlings emerge.  I will stand with you to nurture the fragile growth and together we will walk the garden together.


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