I was reminded

Your greatest securities lies in your willingness to be vulnerable….

I was reminded this weekend that the ego cannot exist in the present moment; it lives in the past and in the future…..only the heart lives in the present moment.

I choose to live in the present.  I choose to lead my life with my heart.

I was reminded that I have the availability to choose.  My experience is not that of someone else, it is mine.  I was reminded that it is not up to me to place judgment on myself or on others.

I was reminded that when you worry with your mind, you are using your insecurities and not trusting in your breath.

I was reminded that  I have permission to be exactly who I am, at this moment.

I was reminded that I am aware of being aware and I was reminded that with intention, I can create anything.

I was reminded that labels confine.

I was reminded to show up, tell the truth, let go of my expectations and to be open to any outcome.

I was reminded that I have the willingness to accept where I am.

I was reminded that every moment is an opportunity for an experience.

I was reminded to live in gratitude.



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