living the path

The four fold path to Yoga is described as this:

1. Show up

2. Tell the truth

3.  Let go of any expectations.

4.  Be open to any outcome.

So I showed up to teach Yoga today with the intention of a great playlist on my ipod teamed beautifully with a theme of speaking about gratitudes.

Soon after I arrived at class to see the room filling fast with many new faces, I realized that my ipod was dead.

The mats were all laid out and the eager faces of my yogi’s awaited.  Then the panic set in.  The fear of disappointing people.  The fear of looking like a fool, irresponsible and not capable.

Then I  remembered that my girl was sitting outside in the waiting room.  I made a decision that no music would be worse than her music.  I grabbed her ipod and knew that I would be likely teaching Yoga to the sounds of Justin Beiber.

As the class began, I told the truth.  I did not hide the fact that I was willing to take this risk and just go with it.  I let go of the expectation that I had driven to class with, and now I was certainly forced into to being open to any outcome.

I had no idea what song might come next so my need for attachment to expectations was quickly dissolved. I asked that the class held the intention  to be playful and open to any outcome and that we experience this class with the sweet spirit of a young girl.

In the middle of a great sun salutation, the sappy melodic voice of Justin came from the speakers. I giggled until eventually I had tears in my eyes.

It wasn’t just that I had the spirit of my girl through her music guiding me, I realized that in that moment I was teaching AND living the four fold path.

The class was playful.  Present moment fun.  No expectations and was filled with joy.  I was no longer caught up in the need to please and the expectation of a certain outcome.

Instead, it was just perfect what the Universe offered as a reminder to what I needed today….playful, present moment joy!


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