When I was visiting  student today who was volunteering at a retirement center I was stopped in my tracks by what I saw.

The fragileness of life.  The cycles of care. The lost look on so many.

I saw the tenderness in his eyes as he toured the facility with his ailing mom.  I saw the sweet way he looked at his mom and the trepidation of the decision that he was having to make.  Probably similar to the decisions that she once made for him; will it be safe, will they take good care, will they be nurturing.

I was stopped in my busy to think about what I was witnessing.  The busy and often chaotic times of my life stood still as I watched. I found myself thinking about my sons and my life.

I was reminded of how short life is.  How quickly time goes and the roles change.

As I walked away on my way to leave, I glanced back one more time and saw the man–the son–with his arm around his mom, intently listening to the director give information about the facility.  I was moved by the evident love he has for his mom.  I was moved by the vision of what my boys may someday have to endure.

It is my hope that they do so with the same tenderness and love that I saw today.


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