Seven months of weekly battles to show up to the volunteer job at the hospital ended.  The text messages usually began around noon begging to not have to go.  The silence in the car on the drive over.  The shoe change at the same stop light each week.  The routine of a Starbucks afterwards.  The tears and the negotiations are finally over.

My girl explained that she didn’t like it.  She explained that she would do the “two week thing” (notice).  She talked with the volunteer coordinator and she beautifully told why she no longer wanted to be a volunteer and yet, she agreed to return in the fall.

In the big scheme of things, this is huge–she expressed, she advocated and she is moving on.

AND, she has an interview at the local zoo as a junior volunteer zoo-keeper.  I am certain the animals will be less scary than sick patients.

I try to remember that it is exposure that is the gem within the disability.  She will find her place and it will be on her terms, in her way.  I just have to keep offering exposure.


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