The vet says to be prepared for a rollercoaster ride.  I don’t like rollercoasters of any kind, especially when it is the life of my best friend, who happens to be a Labrador with a way too zealous appetite.

After a weekend in the emergency vet clinic for a scuttle with a really mean cattle dog at the park, we entered into this week with four puncture wounds and a bit of skittishness.

By Tuesday, we were facing the next 48 hours of rollercoaster ups and downs as it was discovered that I left his kennel open long enough for him to eat over 4,000 milligrams of anti-inflammatory medicine.  That is like a zillion more than his body should have…damn me and damn the tasty liver flavor.

Alternating between fits of guilt and fits of panic, I experienced sleepless nights, tears of anguish, inability to eat meals and incredible sadness. Realizing that blaming myself was not going to heal his intoxicated kidneys, I chose to spend my time knowing and believing in the fluids that were being administered in him to be effective in “dilution for the pollution” (as the overnight vet so eloquently said).

He is after all, the love of my life-best friend ever-soulmate kinda dog…..and he just wouldn’t like a rollercoaster anyway, so I opt that we just get off now.

Send him love and light….know that his kidneys are fine…


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