According to my girl the prom dress must meet the following criteria:

  • Straight across the chest–no cleavage
  • must have straps
  • cannot be itchy
  • no jewels or other sparkly embellishments

Five stores, over thirty dresses tried on. Some were itchy, some were strapless, some were bejeweled and most revealed a lot of chest.

I felt like Cinderella’s aide–zippers up, zippers down, managing hangers and managing tags all the while watching for her reaction of approval or decline.  It was clear upon the dress sliding onto her frame whether it would even be considered.

Finally, a red dress.  No jewels attached,  a very contained chest,  material is soft and definitely not itchy, and the dress includes straps.

She is currently clomping around in her new silver high heels.   I am reminding her that she has to stay longer than ten minutes into the dance.

Stay tuned….


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